Ian Canon: Author & Poet



Ian Canon is a burgeoning Canadian novelist, freelance writer, and poet who hosts a small workshop in Edmonton, Alberta, committed to publishing and marketing other independent authors’ work. He is primarily interested in stories that incorporate thematic elements of existence, death, love, art, and the mundane. 

Sidenote: he is exceptionally prone to accidents and has been hit by a bus, had a knife through his hand (right through), almost cut off his pinky, had stitches on his face on eight different occasions, and the back of his head looks like a zipper factory. Before his inevitable passing, which will probably be caused by an unmarked manhole, he hopes to make some sort of literary impact on the world, even if that’s just helping other writers learn the craft. 

Some of his favorite writers include Allen Ginsberg, Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Franzen, Michael Chabon, John Williams, Sylvia Plath, George Orwell, and ee cummings.